How You Can Create Effective Customer Testimonial Videos

Everyone knows the best form of advertising is word of mouth or referrals. They can make a huge difference when building your customer base. Almost every business has testimonials on their sites, or a page on their site dedicated strictly to customer testimonials. It is a great feature to attract new customers, but what if you took it a step further and captured your customer’s success stories on video?

You may say it is too difficult to get your customers to dedicate the time to come to your business to share their story on camera. You may argue that you don’t have fancy cameras, lighting and audio to capture your customer’s story. Those are just excuses getting in the way.

It’s really as simple as reaching out to customers that have had an amazing experience doing business with you and ask them to take 5 minutes out of their day to talk about their experience and film it on their cell phone or web cam. They can then share the clip with you through email, Google Drive or Dropbox.

You could even ask to have your local customers come to your business to do the testimonial at your site and give them an extra perk for participating. These types of things really work in the long scheme of things and can generate customer growth and a loyal fan base for your business. It makes prospecting for clients much easier because they are doing the work for you.

It’s worked in my business. Take a look at this client testimonial from Jeffrey Burgess, a client of mine I produced a brand documentary for. He loved the experience he had working with me on his video that he jumped at the opportunity to share his story on camera.

You can do the same thing for your business. All you have to do is ask.

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