What You Should Know About Listening

The most effective sales tool I use when meeting with prospects is listening. It shows that I have a genuine interest in them as a person as well as their product or service. Listening also gives me the opportunity to find out if the prospect would be a good fit to work with and build a relationship with.

When I meet with a prospect I start off by getting a chance to get to know them as a person and find out if there are any common interests. I focus the conversation on what they love about their business and what excites them the most about it, which puts them at ease and allows me to get all the information I need in order to help create a video that is authentic to their brand.

The first time I met with a recent client of mine we got to a point in the conversation where he was struggling with the idea of how we were going to capture what he does as a financial advisor authentically. I told him that he had already done it just by telling me about his love for what he does. He stopped and looked at me and said, “wow you are right I did.” I told him at that point I had everything I needed from him to craft a message and interview questions for the video. We spent the rest of the meeting talking about his love for making beer and my love of making BBQ with my smoker, and have made plans to get together and have a BBQ in the spring. The common bond was formed and we have become good friends. It all started because I listened to him.

If you want to make an impact in your client’s life and build a long term relationship just listen to them. It makes a difference.

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