The One Thing to Look for When Hiring A Video Production Company

Video is the most effective way to reach your target market across all platforms. The most important thing to look for when hiring a video production company is full versions of client videos on website or social media channels.

A video production company should be placing full versions of their client’s videos on their websites or social media channels. This shows that they know how to craft a well thought out story and messaging.

Red flags should immediately go off if the company only provides “sizzle” or “demo” reels as their main samples of what they do for their clients. The footage, music and graphics may be amazing to look at, but it doesn’t tell you if they have the capacity to deliver a complete video with a compelling story and messaging that will best represent your brand.

Sizzle or demo reels are a great resource to showcase the scope of video services a production company has to offer in a short window of time, but the full versions of client videos will give you peace of mind that you would be in good hands if you chose them to produce your video content.

Below You can find a full version of one of my client's videos as seen on my website and a demo reel I use on my homepage to showcase the best pieces of my work.

Full Version of Client Video

Demo Reel