Top 5 Tips For Better Real Estate Photos

The first thing everyone does when they’re searching for houses to buy is look at photos of the property. It’s the first thing my wife and I did when we started our house hunting search in late October of 2016.

I can’t tell you the amount of houses we passed up because the images were horrible. What blew my mind was how many of the photos were too dark to see anything, or so cluttered with crap that you couldn’t get a good sense of the spatial relations of the rooms.

I kept saying to myself, “open some windows!” Or, “common man at least have the decency to tidy up your home before taking photos. You want to sell your house don’t you?”

The sad part about it is that those homes might have been really great to look at, maybe even a diamond in the rough type gem, but we passed them up because the photos were horrible. With that said, here are 5 easy tips to enhance your real estate photography.

Plan Your Photo Shoot In Advance.

Have a clear game plan on what you will shoot and how you will shoot it (angles, time of day, props). Take the time to research this and your photo shoot will go smoothly. Take your time.

Use Natural Light.

Open the drapes and the blinds and let the light in. People want to see what the house looks like. They don’t want to wonder what kind of problems may be creeping in the shadow areas.

Pro Tip: When shooting photos do not shoot directly at the window(s). This causes most cell phone and point and shoot cameras to compensate for the brightness of the windows and darken the rest of the room. Choose your angles wisely.

Cleanup The Clutter.

Trust me people looking at photos of the seller’s home judge them and the house based on the photos they see. Tell the sellers to tidy up and make the room feel clean and spacious. You want buyers to look at the potential of the space, not the knickknacks the sellers have collected over the past 5 to 10 years.

Shoot Multiple Angles of the Same Room for Every Room in the House.

There is no such thing as too many photos to look at when searching for houses online. Cover all the bases of each room and highlight the best parts of them. Trust me, nothing is more frustrating when the outside of the house looks “cute” and then you click and there are only 5 to 6 pictures of the inside. It’s hard to “picture” the interior if there are not enough photos.

Add A Video Tour.

By all means do not call it a “virtual tour.” It’s video. I highly encourage including this in the listing, but don’t film the house that looks like a scene out of “The Blair Witch Project.” Invest in an inexpensive stabilizer for your cell phone or point and shoot. You can pick those up on Amazon between $20 to $50. It’s worth the investment and will give you a competitive edge on your listings.

Here are some links for the stabilizers: