How to Create Top Notch Videos That Will Help You Sell More

As business owners you have an amazing story to share about your journey. One of the best things you can do to build relationships with current and future clients is to share that story. In today's market customers want to make a connection with the businesses they buy products or services from. No one wants a sales pitch. They want engaging content and they want it from you.

How You Can Create Effective Customer Testimonial Videos

Everyone knows the best form of advertising is word of mouth or referrals. They can make a huge difference when building your customer base. Almost every business has testimonials on their sites, or a page on their site dedicated strictly to customer testimonials. It is a great feature to attract new customers, but what if you took it a step further and captured your customer’s success stories on video?

How to Build Business Relationships with Video

There is no question that video has become wildly popular on websites and social media. Businesses have taken notice and are using it to prospect for new customers with eye-popping graphics and slick visuals. That's great and I am a fan of the style, but this doesn't always translate to customer acquisition or retention.