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Your Story Leads to Relationships.

Video is the most popular and effective way to reach your target audience to help you build relationships. Are you maximizing the potential video can deliver for your business? Is your message clear? Is your story being told in the best way possible?

If you are ready to take the next step in your storytelling journey I would love to help guide you in telling your story authentically on video so that the world can see the real you.

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Tom recently completed a lifestyle photography project for me and did an excellent job. I needed him to capture two very different aspects of my work and personality for two different websites, and he was able to do that really well. You want a photographer who makes you look like yourself, and he did exactly that. I am very happy with the photos that resulted from the shoot! Tom organizes projects well: he spent significant time with me by phone before the photo shoot to discuss what I wanted and needed, review wardrobe and makeup questions, discuss the locations I’d chosen, and answer all my questions. I really appreciated his thorough preparation, which helped me feel at ease ahead of time and during the shoot. He also is flexible: the weather on our chosen day was poor (this was an outdoor shoot), so we rescheduled, and we had excellent light and weather on the new day. Tom’s manner is relaxed and professional, yet efficient, so I felt comfortable during the shoot, and we got all the locations, shots, and wardrobe changes I wanted. Afterward, he turned around the shots very quickly, and he responded promptly to questions and the few tweaks I needed on a couple shots. Bottom line: Tom did an outstanding job on this project, we got the job done, and it was really enjoyable, too. I recommend Tom highly!
— Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Working with Tom never felt like “work” at all. From the moment we started brainstorming the idea for my promo video and throughout the filming and editing process he was a consummate professional and an overall great person to interact with. The best part about Tom is that he loves his career and loves helping his clients. For an analytical guy like myself, he made the process enjoyable and we created a brilliant final product together.
— Jeffrey Burgess – MassMutual Chicago

I’ve recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Tom Wyler! From the get go, I was incredibly nervous about this whole ‘video thing’ and being seen. Tom was amazing. At our initial meeting, I was instantly put at ease. I was taken aback by his knowledge of his craft, but more so, his seemingly genuine interest in getting to know me and what happens at my practice.

When he sent me my interview questions, I was taken aback by the amount of research he had done. Some of his questions were general info questions, but many were not. They clearly showed the effort he had put into preparing for our shoot.

On that day, I, as well as my clients were plenty nervous. We had no reason for concern. Tom was incredibly easy going, very organized and professional. He put everyone at ease. It was almost comical. As each of us were done with our segments, we came out and looked at each other and asked, “That was it? That was so easy.” He when he was shooting while I was doing treatment segments, he was totally out of the way, simply letting us do our thing. I had no idea what he captured.

Until he sent me the first one for proofing. I was in tears! I could not believe the skillful way he blended together what seemed to me at the time, such randomness. Each clip he sent there after was marvelous. Everyone I had sent it to for their opinion had similar responses: “Who IS this guy? His work is incredible!...So professional. So smoothly blended.

Truly, each clip was telling a beautiful story. Everyone looked natural and at ease. The sound was great. The music was perfect. This is who I am. This is who my clients are. This is the transformation that happened for them when we began working together.

Post Video: In the first 12 hours in posting ONE of them on my FB, I had over 700 people reached and 300 views! Additionally, I received many complements on their quality and inquiries about my practice! I can not thank Tom enough for utilizing his genius to make my genius shine!
— Rachelle Manieri – Unlimited Potential

In the past 2 months of launching my coaching business, I have created over $60K. I attribute a lot of this to the brand I built and using video to market myself. Tom Wyler created my series of videos and they are spectacular. I highly recommend him. The thing I love about Tom is that he does it all. He creates the storyline, he does the directing, filming and editing so the plan we create together is never lost in translation. You can’t go wrong with this guy. He’s talented at his craft.
— John Wayne – Business Coach, Author, Speaker

Working with Tom was hands down one of the easiest and most joyful things I’ve ever done for my business. Not only does Tom have an incredible eye for storytelling through video, he is also a masterful ninja with the camera! One of the things that I loved about working with Tom is that he just took care of everything - all the details, all the logistics, all the art, everything from start to finish. As an entrepreneur, I’m used to managing the moving parts but I didn’t have to do any of that with Tom. He owned it all. Tom showed up, worked his magic, and created 3 absolutely breath-taking videos that perfectly capture the work I do. He captured what was true and real. Working with Tom was like working with a wise old friend. I’m so grateful our paths crossed!
— Julie Santiago – Life Coach

Thanks for the great job you did with my video. You took a process that seemed very daunting to me and made it easy and stress free. That’s the mark of a true professional.
— Taji Clark – Real Estate Broker, Investor, Entrepreneur

My Toastmasters club was looking for someone to create a short video for our website to help welcome potential members to our club. Tom was the first person we thought about. He is a total professional and really knows what needs to be done to create a great video message. I highly recommend Tom for anyone looking to do the same for their business or product!
— Brian Quick – President Naperville Riverwalk Toastmasters